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Alpha District is a territorial marketing project conceived by FORO Studio, arising from the desire to redeem a multi-faceted urban area that has the potential to become a point of connection, sharing and culture through design-related initiatives. The historical identity of the Portello district; the awareness of an evolving city; a clear idea of design and the desire to create an inclusive project, are the pillars on which the Alpha District concept stands.


The study of the territory, its history, its peculiarities and its future developments have been the starting point of Alpha District. The aim is to promote synergies and initiatives able to create a new sense of belonging and community within the area.

argilla design


A design for everyone. A kind of design that treasures the local craftsmanship and heritage. An experiential design that uses an 'interactive' approach, making design a tool that triggers interaction between the installations, the public and the area.


Going beyond the most institutional locations and making design content for everyone and everyone's, able to stimulate critical thinking. Hence the idea to make the works available 24 hours a day and to give space inside the installations to social and topical contents.

Concerto notte
Skateboarder Jumping


Movement both as a reference to the memory of the neighbourhood, former headquarters of Alfa Romeo and still linked to the automotive world, and as a promotion of sustainable mobility. Movement, as a reminder of an ever-expanding city that moves from the centre to new areas in rapid evolution.




The strong call for the renewal of the Portello district, once home to the Alfa Romeo plant, has led to the redemption of a multi-faceted urban area with the potential to become a point of connection, sharing and culture through design-related initiatives. The district brings together interventions and projects by great contemporary Italian and international architects. In Piazza Gino Valle itself, there are names like Gino and Pietro Valle, Fabio Novembre and Emilio Isgrò. Other names such as Jorrit Tornquist, Cino Zucchi, Guido Canali, Charles Jencks, Renzo Piano and others stand close to the square area; that is connected by Mario Bellini's comet to the towers of City Life.

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