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Alpha District carries out projects aimed at redeveloping the Portello district, a multi-faceted urban area with great potential. The various projects, conceived by FORO Studio, have different themes but always linked to current issues. The downloads available on this page are an opportunity for companies and professionals in the sector, as they allow an in-depth examination of the individual projects, illustrating their timing, communication, objectives and how to participate.

Irony and liveliness accompany social and highly topical themes thanks to Hysteria, a project linked to the figure of women, although it is not an all-female initiative. On the occasion of the project, a group of creatives was asked to interpret the theme of women and invited to create a project based on a specific sex toy. Designers and artists gave their interpretation of the role of women in society, investigating the most closely related themes linked to it: violence, beauty, sexuality.

HYSTERIA_general view ispirational products.jpg

A design temples series. Cattedrali are display cases inspired by Giorgio De Chirico's Piazze Italiane. Colourful and minimalist, these exhibition booths showcase the projects of a group of contemporary designers. The Cattedrali constitute an open-air exhibition available 24 hours a day, transforming Piazza Gino Valle into a place of culture, meeting and sharing.

With the participation of: Antonio Aricò, Ava Wolff, Chendù, Duccio Maria Gambi, Gumdesign, MONOMIO, Serena Confalonieri.

Alpha District - Call to action Cattedrali_05.jpg

When children create the design. With the participation of pupils from the Istituto Comprensivo di Via IV Novembre in Parabiago, Out door is a project created by small hands to tell about big problems. The children have been invited to express their vision of lockdown through a site-specific installation, in which a series of coloured doors can be opened by visitors who will thus be able to immerse themselves in a new dimension: that of the little ones.


Specula is a phygital project in which Beatrice Bottini and Sara Garutti encourage the audience to look at reality through new perspectives. A shift in space and time. Specula gives rise to the combination of the trace and the interaction between the person and technology. The designers thus create a thread between science and faith, between real and unreal scenarios.


Larmandino rises on a selection of contemporary themes, ranging between food and new living and working spaces.The peculiarities of Larmandino will be presented through clues, essential for experimenting and decoding the many facets of the project. In an alienating context, visitors will discover the concept from which the entire project is born. An aseptic environment, will welcome visitors, who will be free to interact with the space and grasp the various information available.


The innovative StartUp dedicated to the diffusion and sale of contemporary art, Looking for Art, proposes a sharing space making available works created by a community of emerging artists, both Italian and Under35. It's a collective exhibition of photography to observe the world through the eyes of the new generations: city spots, lines and colours, underground life and experiences of those who grew up in the 2000s.

210303_LFA_vista generale_.jpg

Kundalini is the latest artwork of Gloria Campriani. Curated by Gabriella Anedi, the installation aims to intercept the perspective axis through the square, towards the Alfa Romeo Industry Park; thus creating a seam with the valuable urban space. The artwork will rise among the essential geometries of the square. The threads of the artwork will link art emotions with the visual geometry of the place. The Work also promotes ecological sensitivity. Indeed the spun material - supplied by the company Campolmi - is the output of an eco-sustainable production.


gloria Campriani.JPG
TAPE #04 - On wave

The fourth sculpture in the Concrete Tapestries series, a project arising from research into flatforms and the perception of three dimensions in relation to space and time. A ribbon of concrete - like a long tapestry suspended in the air and folded by the movement of the wind - records in its folds the contemporary perception of plane and volume. In collaboration with FREM Group.




 Alpha District is the largest district in Milan. This peculiarity is strategic to cope with the health emergency linked to the spread of COVID-19. 

Alpha District puts safety first and takes advantage of the outdoor spaces available in the district: 370,000 m², and an urban park of 65,000 m². In these places it proposes exhibitions and events "en plein air", respecting social distancing while designing inclusive projects.